Traffic Management Unit(TMU)

Keeping in view the importance, scope and demanding nature of traffic management, an initiative was taken to include traffic management as a subject in the revised curricula of NHMP college. Moreover, a distinct wing of traffic management was established, so that a perennial process of research on the issue of traffic management, its effective techniques, best practices etc. could be adopted.

Likewise, its
lesson-plans have also been prepared by following the principles of knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA). Emphasis has been laid on getting latest information through different sources i.e. (internet, electronic media etc.) to improve the quality of lesson-plans. On the basis of these lesson-plans power point presentations have been prepared and relevant videos, pictures, articles and case studies have also been added.

In order to disseminate traffic sense and to develop a discussion forum, a Facebook account under the title of “Traffic Management Wing NH&MP College” has also been created. The page is attached and associated with different worldwide organizations of traffic management.

Workshops and practical activities on traffic management are further being conducted to improve the knowledge and skills of field officers.

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