Organizational Philosophy

NHMP Training College requires a professional working environment where all trainees can enrich themselves by mutual learning environment. We are truly committed to the triad of duty, honor, and service for our trainees, personnel, and instructional staff. We aim to present the most modern trends in police setup.

Preparing our officers to be the leaders and excellent professionals of their practical field, is the focus of all College efforts. The impact of our trained officers on the whole society is overwhelmingly positive by being a role model for other policing outfits.

Those, chosen to teach at the College, are on the leading edge in developing new and innovative strategic approaches that enable officers to assist their community in maintaining a safe society.

Applied research for producing new and more effective teaching methods is one of the important objectives of this College. Graduating officers with the knowledge and skills required for decision making in an increasingly complex working environment is a challenge that can only be met through a constant search for new and better methodologies

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