Misson Statement

To improve and strengthen the professional capabilities of NH&MP Personnel in a dynamic learning environment and to make it an aspiring model for other public & private training organizations for serving to serve as a center of excellence in road safety.

National Highways & Motorways Police Training College Sheikhupura has attained a respectable status among the comity of Police Training institutes in a short span of time. It has become a role model due to its unique features of training programs i.e. combining training and knowledge in order to equip its trainees with the professional skills, leadership qualities and decision-making abilities required to maintain an organized and safe society. This College will strive constantly to maintain rather enhance the quality of its teaching methodology, applied research and public service. It will fulfill its mission by:

Enhancing the quality of education and training by selecting a trained, knowledgeable and experienced instructional staff.

Maintaining a leadership position through creating new and innovative policing strategies and tactics.

Continuing to improve our programs through the use of modern and effective teaching methods. Preparing our officers for leadership and law enforcement in a rapidly changing and fast developing society.

Strengthening mutually beneficial relationships while building new relations with other governmental as well as private entities.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of management and administrative services that support the mission of this College.

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