Message From Inspector General

It is indeed a matter of great honor to lead the admired organization well known for its proficiency. My tributes to all the successive governments, former police chiefs besides existing officers and staff who had retained the standards that is well cherished by all segments of the society.

There is no doubt that NH&MP had efficiently enforced NHSO-2000 reducing the traffic accidents and related fatalities. It has diligently conducted road safety educational programs to train drivers for safe driving.  Assistance to the commuters in emergencies has been the hallmark of its commitment.

However, in view of ever growing traffic flow, new modern roads network  and routes in as an important part of CPEC, the ensuing major expansion, of NH&MP human resource, physical assets and construction of the new configurations, necessitates a development of a well thought strategy, to scientifically overcome the upcoming challenges.

In the context NH&MP needs to further strive to ensure a safe and secure driving environment and implementation of road safety regime while saving citizens lives and property.

Let our performance and life be a proof that we love our country.

Prayers and best wishes.

  Allah Dino Khawaja,PSP

Inspector General, NH&MP

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