Institutional Development

In 1997 , National Highways & Motorways Police Training wing launched its first training activity at Police College Sihala in collaboration with National Police Academy. Foreign Trainers, from England, were commissioned with the task of preparing master trainers, who could further impart training by themselves; The purpose of hiring the foreign trainers was also to attune the force personnel with international standards, such standards were observed in modern operating procedures, traffic management and logistics; Most of the equipment, to be used in field operations, was procured from Canada. Thus, this training laid a solid foundation on which training wing could further build on 250 officers were trained at that initial stage by the Training Wing.

Later on 12 March 1998 , a training camp was established at lines Headquarters Islamabad to cater for the training needs of incoming officers. In 1999, the training camp was shifted to Chakri as a separate entity. Here, the training wing not only conducted basic Motorway Police Orientation courses but refresher courses were also made the part of training activities. During that phase, 1999-2002, 213 officers received Basic Orientation training, whereas, 285 officers underwent refresher courses. The growing need of the training necessitated the shifting of training camp Chakri to Sheikhupura in May 2002, where it is presently situated with the name of National Highways & Motorway Police Training College. The shifting of the training camp marked a new epoch in the National Highways & Motorways Police training history. The commencement of promotional courses, commando courses and capacity-building courses rendered it a full bloom of a police training institution.

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